Christmas Plants

I enjoy having Christmas plants around the house if possible.

The Poinsettia is a beautiful plant that is commonly seen in winter months and used in many Christmas displays in public or in homes!

You can use mistletoe combined with pine and pinecones and ribbon to add to your Christmas decor.

Of course, the Christmas tree is fun and beautiful; fun for cats who generally end up destoying the tree!

My favorite is the Christmas wreath.

No matter what, have fun setting up your plants and be sure to enjoy their beauty.

Swingn’ Chickens

The behavior of chickens never ceases to amaze me; they are creatures of habit, fuss around, love to eat, and as funny as it may seem, like swinging!

Some chickens may not fly high in the sky, but they do love to swing!

I find this so funny and fun to watch!

You can build a swing right in the backyard coup so they can have extra fun.

Rain and Lightning

Rain with lightning is beautiful and exciting. The rain cleans everything, provides valuable drinking water, and you can feel safe and protected in a loving home.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, an American poet and one of the Fireside poets of the 19th century, used the rain and fall to reflect on getting older, and the words provide a mental image and provoke deep thoughts in the poem, The Rainy Day.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1841)

Today, we can capture rain and lightning around town through photography:

Enjoy your day and enjoy those you love!!!

Surf’s Up !!!

I like watching big waves from afar, I have done my share of body surfing on medium size waves, enough to feel a little afraid and eat some sand!

I went to Kauai, Hawaii, US, and the waves were breathtaking, I did not dare get in. The snorkeling is amazing however, you can see the most amazing fish.

The Shallows

I enjoyed watching the movie The Shallows (2016) because it includes surfing and sharks!!!

A cool surfer