Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween can be a time to let your inner creative self emerge so that you can have fun and not spend a lot on a costume. You can plan it all out on paper first if you like or just scavenge for the right material!

The point is to have fun with the costume and make sure it is comfortable to wear all day if you like!

I try to make it different each year and once again: just have fun!


The Borg from Star Trek

I like Star Trek and the Borg are a very formidable enemy for all species in the galaxy.

The Borg first appeared in Star Trek The Next Generation, appeared in film, and had a bigger role in Voyager.

I read the Trilogy of books entitled Star Trek Destiny and learned how the Borg came to be. I really enjoyed reading these books, but then again, I am a die hard fan of Star Trek.

Lakes I Love

Mirror Lake

Lakes are beautiful to be near because you can fish in them, swim in them, camp by the shore, or even water ski on them.

Mirror Lake in Yosemite is a beautiful lake to picnic at because it is a calm and scenic place in the summer.

Lake Arrowhead

One summer, some friends and I went water skiing at Lake Arrowhead and then after skiing, decided to swim across the lake. I didn´t mind being on a boat on that lake but swimming across was frightening. I couldn´t see below the water, it was very wavy, and too far from one shore to the next. I was certain something like the Loch Ness monster was going to pop up and drag me under! We did make it across and I vowed never to do that again.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has to be one of my favorite lakes and I do enjoy swimming in it. The water really is very clear for a long ways out, however the water is freezing even in the summer. Once you get used to the cold, the water is quite nice and I like that I can see the fish below. This lake is too big to swim across, in fact, it take a day to drive around it!

The shore is really nice and the Canada Geese are a blast to feed! You have to practically fight the geese off of your towel! You can set up a BBQ and have a great day and evening.

It seems that each lake has its own personality and you can adjust your activity accordingly!

The Beautiful Pleiades Star Cluster

The Pleiades star cluster is also known as the Seven Sisters to this day even though the name originates with the Ancient Greeks. The stars have been mentioned as far back as the 23rd century BCE.

I love the Pleiades because I know winter is coming and I can view the Sisters from my back yard even though the air is cold.

In December through February, I stay in the yard late at night and look for the constellation Orion and from my perspective, the Pleiades are just to the right. I use my eyes without aid to see them, sometimes binoculars, and occasionally my telescope.

I love viewing the Pleiades because I feel I become a part of the ancient times and wonder what they thought when looking at these same stars.

My 5 Favorite Thriller Movies

It is that time of the year once again to enjoy a thriller movie or two! I enjoy almost all thrillers but here are my five favorite ones.

5. Jeepers Creepers (2001) Starring Justin Long.

The creature is very original and very scary, I enjoy the acting and the screams!

4. Rear Window (1954) starring James Stewart.

This movie is directed Alfred Hitchcock and tells the story of a reporter who thinks he witnessed a murder. The way the film is directed and acted is superb.

3. The Conjuring (2013) starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

This movie will keep you screaming, startled and on the edge of your seat. Don´t watch this one too late at night.

2. Christine (1983) Starring Keith Gordon.

This movie is a classic based on the Stephen King novel also entitled Christine. I love this movie and the acting. What a concept: an evil car that kills! Seriously it sounds silly but it is really creepy!

  1. The Silence of the Lambs (1991) starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins.

The acting and directing are great and the story is based on the novels by Thomas Harris. This movie is so worth watching.